The Tattoo Clinic is owned by Kevin Cronin, a master tattoo artist with over 30 years of professional tattooing experience.  Kevin originally began tattooing in the St. Paul area of Minnesota and later opened a very successful studio in Atlanta, Georgia.  Because of his well-earned reputation for design excellence, Kevin was often invited as a guest to work in studios all over the country from New York to Hawaii.


Kevin has earned national recognition from his work in the form of television appearances (MTV interviews), body art awards, and having his work showcased on the cover of almost every tattoo magazine.  Click Here to learn more about Kevin's awards and recognition.


"The photos you are about to view represent a cross section of my work.  Some of these photos deal with the human body in its greatest splendor, some are of semi-explicit nature.  Please remember that I cannot account tastes, and the representations presented on this site do not necessarily represent my own tastes, opinions or values.  The tattoos created are merely artistic recreations based on the desire's of my clients"

 -Kevin Cronin




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