Kevin Cronin has earned national recognition from his work in the form of television appearances, body art awards, and having his work showcased in numerous tattoo magazines.  The following is just a sample of his achievements.  Special thanks to Billy Tinney for shooting all of the photos that graced the covers of Tattoo Magazine!

  • Hired by rock band Poison as tour tattoo artist

  • "Poison" tattoos featured in Circus Magazine and Metal Edge Magazine

  • Tattooed Heavyweight Boxer Clifford "Black Rhino" Etienne

  • Piercing for Showtime Fighter Clifford "Black Rhino" Etienne

  • Tattooed lead singer of Ministry

  • Tattooed several Major League Baseball pitchers

  • Tattooed members of Miami Dolphins while playing in Atlanta

  • Tattooed members of L.A. Dodgers while in Atlanta

  • Interviewed on MTV along with showcase of work 1987

  • Interviewed on MTV; feature included photos of work and interview of clients 1989

  • Cover of Lifestyles magazines plus two page article - 1984

  • Cover of Tattoo Magazine 1986, 1989, 1990

  • Cover of Metal Edge Magazine 1989

  • Tattoo Magazine article and pictorial 1989

  • Photos featured in Easyriders, Supercycle, Iron Horse, Tattoo Magazine

  • 13 page pictorial in Iron Horse Magazine - 1989

  • Article and photos in Georgia Tech Newspaper 1988

  • Article and photos in the Houma Tribune 1989

  • Photo of client work wins 1st place at Photographers Annual 1989

  • "Live at Noon" live interview, channel 12 Richmond Virginia 1989

  • Live interview on KSTP radio station, St. Paul 1989

  • St. Paul Pioneer Press article 1984

  • Article and photos in Georgia State Signal 1991

  • Article and photos in Atlanta Journal Constitution 1991

  • Appeared on channel 11 Morning Show Live, Atlanta 1992

  • Appeared on Live at Noon, channel 11 Atlanta 1992

  • In-shop interview on channel 11, Atlanta 1993

  • Cover of Tuesday Magazine, including article 1991

  • Article and photos in Creative Loafing 1992

  • Article and photos in Tiger Weekly, Baton Rouge 2000

  • Article and photos in Morning Advocate, Baton Rouge 2000

  • Article on piercing, LSU newspaper Daily Reveille, 2001

In addition to his vast recognition by magazines, television and newspapers, Kevin Cronin has also been recognized as a master tattoo artist while working abroad.  Some of his traveling work includes:

  • 1992 - Tattooed in Bangkok, Thailand

  • 1993 - Tattooed at European Tattoo Convention

  • 1995 - Toured in Europe

  • 1995 - Toured with Way Cool of Canada in Europe (thanx Ace)

  • 1995 - 1st Tattoo Convention in Russia with Way Cool of Canada (thanx Ace)

  • 1999 - Tattooed in Havana, Cuba


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